Monday, July 6, 2015

Feeling Patriotic... Happy Birthday America

Scorching heat, mosquitos, the smell of the grill, frosty drinks, kids with sparklers, patriotic oldies music, corn on the cob, lawn chairs, lights, and laughter.   Put these things all together and it's the perfect recipe for a 4th of July celebration.  And celebrate we did.   Aside from the scorching heat (and not too many bugs, thanks to the amazing bat houses at "Uncle Earl's" house), our little holiday weekend contained all of the above.

It's been a few years since we've celebrated the 4th in Dubuque with Mike & Christa, so it was good to rekindle the little tradition.

Charlie was more than eager to play with the snaps that Allison taught him how to use.

The big boys were a little smitten with the baby.  Shhh.  I'm not sure if it's cool or not to admit this when you're in middle school.

And while Anna's face doesn't look too excited, she absolutely adored Brandon!

We walked across the street to the river front--which is where they light the fireworks and crowds gather around for premium seating.  This has got to be the best place to people watch (well, after Six Flags maybe.  And Wal-Mart.)-- you'll see all the kinds of people in one spot.  It's amazing, really.

Throwing rocks into the river (kids).  Drinking beer  (dads).

This peanut was loving the party atmosphere.  She's "So Big!"

We also watched an air show that Charlie loved.  The jets were "fast and super loud and awesome!" Anna wasn't crazy about them, but never fussed or cried.  She mostly looked irritated for having her nursing session interrupted.

I love these girls.  Allison is the coolest kid-- we're totally going to force her to nanny for us next summer just so I can hang out with her and get insight into sixth grade girl life.

While I"m sure Anna would have been able to power through the fireworks, she and I left around 7:30 to get to bed.  Judging by the way she zonked out immediately, I'd say that we made a good decision.  And while I missed out on the big show, I always love a little alone time (well, actually, I spent my time with my ipad and the residents of Genoa City, WI--- if you know what I mean.)

On Saturday, we slept in and had a great, relaxed, lazy day.  We took a spontaneous little jaunt to the Farmer's Market before hanging out at the house.  The kids played and the grown ups chatted and the baby tried to put everything in her mouth.  (Silly bands and empty water bottles are a new fave!)

Seriously, could these ladies be any cuter?

The old guys versus the young ones.

Me & my girl.  And grapes.

A little underage drinking takes on a whole new meaning.  (Cold beer cans feel great on teething baby gums!  She was not letting go of that thing without a fight!)

The big boys had the "responsibility" of lighting the bottle rockets and other fireworks.

Charlie and Allison cheered them on....

(Allison let me braid her hair--my favorite 'girly' activity!!)

As the sun set, we put the baby to bed, the kids ran around, and the grownups eased into comfy chairs and slow conversation.  Time slowed down and we savored the moments.  (Well, Charlie was pretty antsy about when we got to roast s'mores)

 These moments are the best-- hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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