Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What? It's August?!

I'm behind on pop culture.  I'm behind on blogging.  I'm behind on reading blogs.  I'm behind on reading in general.  These days, I'm feeling like I'm just behind.

But am I?

In the summer, my whole entire life shifts.  I spend time doing  immersed in so many things that just aren't possible during the other nine months of the year.  I swim and walk and play and travel.  I meet up with old friends.  I cook less and drink more.  I watch less TV, I read fewer books, I buy fewer groceries.  I water more flowers, I go for more walks, I pick and harvest more garden goodies.   We spend time at the pool, in the backyard, on the patio, in our neighbors' yards, and at parks.  We retreat to the cool, sometimes musty, basement when the mercury rises above 85 (No, this is not my choice, but I give in because my kids are normal and don't seem to have my "need for extreme heat" gene yet).  This time is so fleeting, and we're consumed with so much cold and wind and God-forsaken S.N.O.W. here, that I've decided to just fully embrace summer and not give two shits about getting anything else done.  Hence: the behind factor.

So here I am.  It's freaking August and I have a zillion blog posts that I want to write but I just keep putting them off because, well....summer.  I have a serious Vitamin D addiction.  (I want that on a T-shirt-- who can hook me up?) There are so many things I want to write about, including (but not limited to!):

 * Charlie's miraculous swimming lessons
 * Having "Milk Fever" (That's what Mastitis was called hundreds of years ago and did you know, that women DIED from this before antibiotics were available?!)
 * Traveling to St. Louis
 * Hanging out at the Waterloo Arboretum
 * My Yoga Conference
 * Hanging out at Holiday Lake
 * Adventureland
 * Ellie's Birthday
 * Our Northwods Getaway

This always seems to happen.  Summer starts out just like a vacation; where the days seem to stretch endlessly before you and you just relax into them.  And then, halfway through summer (or the vacation week), you realize just how fast the days are passing and that in equal parts time, you'll be back to the grind (or packing up school supplies and heading back to work).

The upcoming school year is going to contain some big changes for Spahnville.  Not only is Anna starting at a new daycare, and Charlie is heading into Kindergarten, but I will be working an additional 2 1/2 days per week.  The story is long but basically, I'm helping out in the GC district this year while they figure out what the future counseling position will look like (aka: they get their shit together).  I'm hesitant to take afternoons away from being with Anna, but I'm excited to work in the same school with Charlie and get to know his peers and teachers.  In the end, I know this is just another thing to pass, and we can get through anything for a year.  Be sure to note my optimism now, in August, because I'm fairly certain that by October I'll be cursing this whole idea.    

And hopefully by then, I'll have updated the blog and given you a little glimpse into our summer.

In the meantime, if you want a little glimpse into our daily lives, check out this beautiful video that my friend/ doula/ photographer made for us.  We chose this over a traditional 9 month photo shoot and I couldn't be happier.  What do you think? (Click on the link below to view the slideshow)

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