Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Anna: 11 Months

It's 10:15 on a school night and everyone in our house is sleeping, except me.  And now that I've typed that sentence, I'm pretty sure one particular ELEVEN month old will wake up any second now....

In the meantime, I'll try to write a little about her and what she's up to these days.  

Augh!  Can you believe that sweet little baby is 11 months old!?  How did her first 11 months of life go so quickly and Charlie's first 11 months of life were the longest I've ever experienced?  Anna is quickly waving goodbye (quite literally-- as she opens and closes her little fists) to the baby days and entering toddler-hood more rapidly than I am ready to admit.  She still feels like a baby (I know, she IS a baby!) but then I catch my reflection in a storefront window as I hold her and realize that she's definitely on the cusp of being a toddler!

And it's not just her size that is showing her age-- her whole personality is changing every day.  Anna is still a bright-eyed, sweet little thing (okay, maybe not so little) but she is certainly realizing that she can control some things in her environment-- especially if she screams.  Seriously, the screaming is crazy!  Here are a few other tidbits about our little sunny girl:

* LOVES food.  She would eat all day every day if we let her.  I can't even list favorite foods because she mows through everything.  I especially like finding shredded cheese in her belly button and cracker crumbs in her thigh rolls.
* Will (hopefully) be walking on her own soon!  She usually wants to walk around with her walker.  This means, she usually wants to walk around with us.  We will be sitting on the floor and she'll grab my fingers and lift them above her head and stand up, ready to get walking.
* Continues to be a good traveler!  I hate to say it too loudly, but most often, she travels well and sleeps while we're away.  (Please please please continue this Baby Girl!)
* Has 8 teeth and might be working on more!
* Adores Charlie.....but is starting to show him that she's not a stuffed animal.  She will screech, pinch, swat at him if he is 'in her face' too much.  So far, this hasn't deterred him in the slightest.
* Is crazy about being outside.  She loves swinging on the playset for about five seconds and then prefers to climb up the slide over and over.  She is okay sitting in her stroller for about a mile, then squirms and squeals to be let out.  She loves "driving" in her little car-- and often bounces up and down and "steers" the wheel.  (It's stinkin' adorable)
* Loves climbing up the stairs-- and down again.  It's exhausting for her mother and exciting for her.
* Loves playing "chase" and will giggle hysterically as she crawls away from whomever is chasing her.
* Says lots of sounds that appear to be words.  (I'm sure they are not, but we like to think they are.)  She clearly says, "Mama, Mommm, Dada, Bubbubb, ooo-oooo (owl noise), and pants like a doggy.  Again, these are all signs that she is brilliant, right?

It's hard to believe that we're so close to ONE YEAR.  I cannot even write about it at the moment because I cannot wrap my brain around it just yet.  Every phase is so great and I love getting to know this little girl...but she was such a sweet little baby that it's a little hard to say goodbye to those days as well.  But, tis life, right?  I wouldn't want to keep her little forever because then I couldn't see what an amazing kid she'll grow into-- and I know she's on her way to growing into just that.

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