Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Trip Around the Sun (aka: A One Year Birthday Party)

Pssst, Karah......


You do realize that this birthday part you're going to write about happened over a month ago, right?


And you realize that it's now officially autumn and the weather isn't so bright and sunny like it was back on September 20th, right?


And you realize that you've probably forgotten most of the details about the party because your brain seems to be shot these days-- probably due to working more and still trying to keep your children clothed and put decent meals on the table. We know it's not because you've been keeping up on laundry or bathroom cleanliness because my GOD woman, have you seen your laundry room and bathrooms lately?

Thank you.  And yes.

So why, exactly, are you attempting to blog about Anna's first birthday party this much later?

I'm so glad you asked.  I'll tell you why.  Because I really like the dress I wore to her party and I want it forever preserved in blog-land.

Makes sense to me.  Proceed.

Whew.  Now that that's out of the way, let's begin!

So yes, back in September, we hosted a birthday party for Miss Anna.  We have been experiencing the most beautiful fall weather here and that weekend was no exception.  The theme for the party was 'Sunday Funday" or "Sunshine" or "Sunny Baby" or "You are my Sunshine" ....should I go on?  You get my drift.  We chose "sun" because Anna is such a sunny baby.  She's happy and giggly and literally brightens up our house-- so it only made sense.  (Plus, I love the idea of celebrating traveling one trip around the sun with a sun birthday-- it just seemed fitting.) 

Our family and a few friends joined us as we celebrated Anna on that beautiful Sunday afternoon. We ate sandwiches and drank lemonade and watched our nephew, Sullivan operate his new Star Wars BB8 robot with the i-phone.  (Seriously, we are becoming the Jetsons) The grown-ups chatted, the cousins played, and the cupcakes begged to be eaten. 

We kicked off the party with food... definitely the party girl's favorite thing!

Mason had to sit at the kid table....

She is SO BIG now!!

Some babies are shy with their cake..... Anna was not one of those babies.

And then we followed Eloise outside to open some presents!  (Don't we have the cutest cousins!?)

So there you have it.  A wrap-up of our little girl's 1st birthday party.  Can't wait to enjoy many more with this sweet smile.  Happy Birthday Little Lady!