Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Right Now....

Right now, Charlie......
*  is still obsessed with football, both NFL and college.  He amazes me with his knowledge.  The other day there was a guy on TV tossing around a football.  I said, "Man, that guy is huge!"  Charlie looks at me and goes, "Mom, that's JJ Watt.  He's number 99 for the Houston Texans."

* still loves to play his "game", which involves running back and forth from the front door to the kitchen table-- and for some reason this also involves being half naked.

* is usually half-naked.  Charlie strips down to his undies like most people change into comfy pants.  As soon as he is in the door, he peels off his pants, shirt, and socks and tosses them aside for the night.

* complains about going to school but seems to love it whenever he's there. I'm convinced it's just the actual transition from home to school that is bothersome because he really seems to be thriving at school.

* is anxiously looking forward to his birthday party in February.  As of now, we know that it's going to involve a giant inflatable slide, pizza, and the UNI mascot.  (????)

Right now, Anna......
*  has a molar coming through.  Watch out food, you aint seen nothing yet!

* still loves eating anything and everything, but we're trying to curb the obsession with the pantry.  She opens it up and pulls out all sorts of things.  The other day she was carrying around a bottle of mayo and whining for it to be opened and tested out.

* has recently fallen love with a baby doll.  She carries it around and pats her back and says, "Beh-beh."  It's stinking adorable and then we laugh even harder when she tires of Beh Beh and flings her over her shoulder (when she hears someone open the pantry door).

* loves music.  She turns on the radio and "dances" around the house.  I've got to say that the girl has some moves too.... we're not sure where she gets these moves but it's probably from her mother.

* cannot sit still for books.  It drives me nuts and makes me weepy.  Charlie would sit and listen to books for hours.  Seriously, if I was feeling particularly lazy, I would just cuddle up with baby Charlie and read and read and read.  Anna is content for about five seconds and then wiggles her way away from me (and heads to the pantry).

Right now, Mason.....
* is enjoying his "slow" time at work.  It allows him to catch up, work on bids, and get things ready for the whirlwind that is spring/summer/fall building season.

*has talked me into playing pickle ball with some other friends this winter.  Should be interesting considering my complete lack of athletic ability.  (Although I will say that James Thurston and I were pretty awesome pickle ball players when we had to play in high school.  Mostly I remember screwing around pretending the paddle was a guitar while James hit the ball......ah, glory days....)  Honestly though, I think it will be fun to get out of the house and do something with Mason.  I think we were good friends at one time....

Right now, I ..........
* am busy working at two schools this year.  It's technically .75 time, but it honestly feels like a full time gig.  My Parkersburg job has stayed the same (working each morning from 8-noon) while I've added Grundy Center afternoons to my schedule.  Being in two schools has really allowed me to determine what I need in a workplace.  There are pros and cons to both environments and I'm very thankful that I had the opportunity to help out this year, not to mention that being Charlie's guidance teacher has been super fun.  But by the end of the week, I'm extra thankful to have my Thursday and Friday afternoons home with Anna.

* am trying to sort and clean and organize our house.  It's an ongoing task, really, but something that I would like to finally get a handle on.  Not sure if this is possible while little kids are growing up, but I'm sure going to try.

* am loving incorporating yoga into my work at school.  It has changed everything about the way I do things and has also changed me. I'm more patient, I feel more connected, and am really enjoying my job like never before.  Plus, kids are giving me great feedback in so many ways.

* am pushing big time for a rescuing a dog.  I've planted the seed in Mason's brain and I'm hoping that maybe Charlie and I can just do this some afternoon and 'surprise' Mason.  Hopefully we won't land in divorce court over it.

* have committed to something pretty big in May.  More details later-- I know, you're biting your nails with anticipation, aren't you?    

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  1. Karah, I just love this post. Everything about it. I can't believe how similar our lives are...the differences in baby one to two for example! I LOVE the photos!!