Monday, February 8, 2016

A Super (Bowl) Party

It's that time of year again.....  Super Bowl!!

It cracks me up that I even am aware of "Super Bowl Time" because before Charlie was interested in football, the only thing Super Bowl night meant for me was a free night home scrapbooking with Amanda.  But those years have come and gone and now, I'm the mom who finds herself planning a 'mini- Super Bowl party' for her five year old.

At this point, I should admit that I'm using the word "plan" very loosely.  I'm sure there are a zillion cute ideas for Super Bowl parties on Pinterest, but I've learned a few things about planning parties for my son.
   #1.  Charlie could give two shits about the decorations and cute ideas
   #2.  Charlie only really cares about snacks.

So C's Super Bowl party involved inviting three people over (narrowing the invitees down to three was extremely difficult and ultimately resulted in inviting "people who don't really get to come over here much"), ordering pizza, and picking up football shaped cookies from Hy-Vee.  And you know what?  I think that it ended up being perfect.  Our guests arrived shortly before 4:30 and had changed into full football gear by 4:32.  At that point, teams were chosen and a full-on basement football game (that resembled track racing/wrestling/nay-nay dancing combined) commenced.

Pictured: Evan Blythe, Charlie, Cooper Keller, Jayce Fryslie
The boys played in the basement, running around like crazy people, and also spent time with Charlie's toys in his bedroom.  For the most part, they all got along very well-- it's always a little difficult for me to 'let them be' when I hear arguing or shouts of "No Fair!" but I try to remind myself that kids need chances to figure these things out on their own.  (In my opinion, so much of the reason they can't do this at school is because they are over-supervised at home. More on that later.)  Anyway, they shared and took turns and shouted and laughed and giggled.  When the game started, Charlie hopped up on the couch, ready to watch some football.  His friends, however, were immersed in C's toys and stuffed animals and begged him to play with them.  After a little prodding, Charlie begrudgingly agreed and joined them.  (The beauty of dvr, right?)

As the evening ended and the boys were getting ready to go, one little friend shouted, "Miss Karah?  I broke your wall!!" The others thought this was hysterical-- and also extremely serious.  "He Did! He Did! Come down and look!!"  I assured them that it was okay (we do have a pretty good "in" with the people at the local lumberyard) but they demanded I go look.  And when I saw that knee-sized hole in the drywall I have to admit that I had a glimpse of what's to come in future years.  Ah, boys.  And Super Bowls.  And fun.  It's all good.

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