Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring Break, Finally!!

Spring break has come and gone, and I know you're still eagerly anticipating dozens of adorable photos of my adorable children during our perfect adorable Easter spring break trip.  But I hated to update the blog with a spring theme when we were still in the doldrums of winter!!  However, because you five readers have been so patient (and the weather is now sunny and warm.... and truthfully because Anna is taking a rare 2 hour nap because I gave her Benadryl after she was still fighting the nap at 1:30 so now I have time to update the blog....), I'll spare you my wordy anecdotes and just load this up with pics.

Favorite Outing: The Northwoods Children's Museum

Favorite Past time: Helping in the Kitchen

Favorite Adventure: The Front Yard

Can you spy Charlie? 

Favorite Activity: Eating

Favorite Special: Dyeing Easter eggs

Favorite Game: Battleship

Favorite Bribe  Store: Grandma's Toybox

Favorite morning:  Easter

And then we played with the face swap app when we got home and died laughing because we are so dang handsome/attractive/ adorable that it's hard to handle.

Ha!  Happy Spring y'all!

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