Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Right Now...

Things change so fast, don't they?  Lately, I find myself so lost in my daily life that sometimes I forget to look up and notice where I am.  And while I try to be  mindful of the things around me each day, I admit that's a really hard practice.  Every once in awhile, it just takes something big happening--like spring-- to remind me to pause, look up, and notice what's around me.

Have you noticed spring lately?  It seems like overnight, the trees transformed from bare and twiggy skeletons to strong and solid homes freckled with green buds.  Then, the next time I looked up, the freckled specks of green had grown and multiplied into a full shady covering that seemed to drape like fringe moccasins over the trees.  And since then, the lilacs (my absolute favorite springtime smell) have already teased us with their fragrance and promptly wilted into dark purple memories. So while life is whizzing by, this post is dedicated to the right-now.  As in, what is the current look of Spahnville?

Spahnville looks like...
Lightsabers on long walks (made out of pool noodles, of course)

And little hands holding little books. 

Spahnville looks like apples ("ah-bo")

and "buh-duh's" sunnies & crocs...

Spahnville has bubbles ("Bah-boes")

and basketballs.

Spahnville makes people smile

and cry....

Spahnville is healthy...

And helpful.

Spahnville is love

And hugs

Spahnville is challenging....

and easy-breezy.

Spahnville is track meets
(Keira, Lauren, Anna, & Charlie)

and t-shirts.
(Charlie & Vincent)

 Spahnville is bright sunny smiles...

and sad times, too.

We have good girls...

and hair curls.

Spahnville is Guidance class...
(Charlie's kindergarten class)
and grocery stores.

But mostly, Spahnville is us.  It's home and laughter and sweat and tears and love.... (even on the most frustrating/ difficult/ what the hell are we doing- days,) always love.

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