Friday, January 27, 2017


Originally written (but never posted) June 2016.  
Discovered while embracing technology and cleaning up my blog in January 2017. 

For the second year in a row, we've taken Charlie to swimming lessons in Des Moines.  It sounds a bit extravagant but hear me out:
 1.  Charlie's swimming teacher is a swim-whisperer
 2.  Charlie advances more in four days than most kids do over an entire year of lessons
 3.  It's f-u-n!
 4.  Oh, and it's a great excuse for us to hang out with Sara for three days. 

So here's the rundown of the week-- photo heavy and word lite.  (Just the way you like it, Kelly!)

Lessons were each morning from 9:00-10:00 which gave us plenty of time for afternoon excursions.  Monday's choice: The Blank Park Zoo

And a little day-drinking/ relaxation time at home

Tuesday we took some time at Sara's pool-- we totally want to move to Des Moines now just so that we can join Lifetime Fitness.  Seriously DM people, I'm incredibly jealous. 

The weather was gorgeous so Tuesday evening we played outside and may have been seen riding in the little car.

By Wednesday, we were growing a little tired but still functioning.  The weather was rainy but the kids still had swimming lessons and we opted for some library time afterward. (Oh, and a little tailgate lunch in the parking lot)  We headed home that afternoon to sleep in our own beds and attend tee-ball before driving back down to Des Moines the next day. 

The last day of lessons is the kids' favorite as they get to search for pennies on the bottom of the pool.  When we arrived at the end of class, they unloaded their loot and showed us all the tricks they had learned.  I'm thrilled that Charlie is swimming the length of the pool (12.5 yards) without any help and is able to tread water for 30 seconds.  Swim whisperer I tell you!

Before we headed home, we played at a playhouse showroom for awhile before surprising the kids with Chuck E. Cheese. 

Charlie was so excited when we pulled into the parking lot.
I asked him, "Is it okay if we eat here?" 
"Chuck E Cheese!!!  YEAH!" he yelled back. 
Then he looked at me and said, "Mom, you just exploded me." 
"I exploded you? Is that okay?" I asked---just a little concerned.
He looked at me and very seriously said, "Mommy, you just exploded my heart with love."

I smiled at him. I had just watched him try his hardest at swimming lessons, showing me his newfound talents and as my heart swelled with pride, I kind of felt the same thing. He exploded my heart with love. 

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