Saturday, February 11, 2017

16 in 16 Update

Speaking of Resolutions, how did I do last year???  Here's the list I created and how I fared....
Red= totally succeeded in not doing it.  (aka: failed)
Blue= forgot about this. Kind of maybe did it a little bit? 
Green= amazingly did it. Totally accomplished. 

1.  Just DO things.  I still tend to procrastinate a little, but overall I did this much more than I did before.  Like most mothers of little kids, as much as I tidy and pick up and put away, our house still seems to be in disarray much of the time.  

2.  Find my creative self again. 
      1. Make stockings for Charlie, Mason, myself-- (I finished Charlie's and Mason's and am about halfway through with mine.  Plenty of time before next Christmas.)
      2. Skinnify old jeans, experiment with altering t-shirts and button down shirts. 
      3. Make a t-shirt rug 
      4. Learn how to macrame or weave. 

3. And adding to the creativity goals.... learn how to use Grandpa Bernie's scroll saw. The trick is going to be finding someone to watch the kids.  In order for Mason to teach me how to use a saw, we can't have kids around. And I cannot ever remember a time where we were here and they were not.  So......?

4. Meditate.  I'm going to write more about this in a future post but right now, my difficulty is finding a time to do this.  Because Anna wakes up before 6:00 most days, I would need to get up earlier than I'm ready to.  So this one is going to remain a work in progress. 

5.  Speaking of meditation.....Participate in Buddhist Path at least once.  Buddhist Path happens on Thursday night-- Mason golfs in the summer on Thursdays and plays Pickleball in the winter on Thursday night.  Thursdays have never been a good time for me to do something....

6.  I would like to walk a labyrinth this year.  I love this!  There is a labyrinth in Cedar Falls, but unfortunately, the property it is located on is for sale and it hasn't been maintained well. Regardless of that, a group of friends walked it after church on morning and it was such a moving experience.  The weather was gorgeous and we were silent, but moving forward.  It was funny, the strange peaceful feeling that gradually washed over me as we walked.  I would highly recommend doing this if you're at all interested-- there is a reason ancient civilizations created these so many years ago. 

7.  Get a new tattoo!!    

8.  Date my husband.  We have gotten a handful of babysitters throughout the year and went out to eat just last weekend.  Our goal is to go out once a month... So far, we've gone out twice so we're right on track. :)

9.  Make myself a priority.  We know how this turned out!   

10. Write more.  Totally depended on the day and obviously wasn't on the blog.  I hope that changes again this year- I miss updating the blog and know that I'll want to be able to look back on these things when I have time in the future. 

11.  Become a puppy mama again.  (UPDATE:  We did some dog sitting a few weeks ago and realized that we are NOT ready for another dog.  Having Anna and a dog in the same house is just not a good idea until she is definitely older)

12.  Take the final two courses in Yoga Calm and continue to use it in the schools.  (UPDATE:  I accomplished this in November and Love it!!  I've actually signed up to take a similar course in just a few weeks.)

13.  Tidy our house.  (UPDATE:  hahahahaha!!  A tidy house!!  Hilarious!!)

14.  Learn more about Reiki and sign up for a session. I still haven't done this and everything in my hippy soul wants to experience it and become obsessed with it. Then I will buy sage leaves and incense and beautiful drippy candles and write more. Promise. 

15. Read more.   I managed to read 10 books last year. Definitely not one of my best years in terms of how many books I read, but the books I read were worth reading. 

16. Move my body. I don't watch my Garmin too much, but I do like watching my steps increase throughout the day.  Obviously, it's no problem for me to rack up 10,000 steps during those glorious summer months, but these days my goal is close to 6,000.  But more importantly than the steps, I want to be an example of 'movement' to my kids.  

So six and 1/2 out of 16 that I accomplished plus five that I sort of accomplished... not too shabby!  I'm glad I write these every year-- as I was looking at them, I still would love to do the things I didn't have time to do.  Guess what's going on the 17 in '17 list?  (Well, except for the dog one....)

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