Sunday, February 5, 2017

Christmas Season #1

Obviously, Christmas is all packed up and tucked away by now... although I'd be lying if I didn't mention that I keep finding Christmas trinkets here and there.  The tiny music box found on top of the dryer, one of my favorite ornaments as a child that was tucked between books on Charlie's shelf, Christmas candles that still make up the table centerpiece.... maybe Christmas isn't all packed up and tucked away.  At any rate, the big stuff is down in the basement and we've officially rung in the new year.  And although February may be too late to post about Christmas, I want it officially logged into the blogosphere so I'm doing it anyway.

Christmas was especially magical this year.  I'm not sure why.... maybe because both kids loved it and understood something exciting was in the air.

In non-typical Spahnville fashion, we made batches and batches of cookies this year.  (I would like to take a moment to mention that I am not a good cookie baker-- nothing about making cookies appeals to me and usually they don't turn out very well.)  But this year, we made multiple batches of sugar cookies and peanut butter star cookies.  While the pictures are cute, I wouldn't really recommend baking cookies with a 2 year old who is obsessed with sweets.  Like, completely obsessed.

We also made gingerbread houses which was fun but I'm convinced this activity is much more fun and exciting in other people's instagram accounts than in real life.  Because in real life, it was hard and frustrating and time consuming and didn't work very well.  And all the kids were arguing and needed help and trying to eat the candy which made me wonder why I didn't just buy candy and let them eat it.  So next year, I think our activity will be "Demolition Gingerbread House"-- where we just eat all the fixin's without any of the stress or expectations of actual constructing the houses.

Did I mention that Snapchat filters might be one of our favorite things about Christmas time in 2016? 

This year, Charlie and I went sledding on Christmas Eve-- the weather was beautiful but it had been raining and we wondered if it might be too wet.  We were delighted to discover that the hill was super slick-- not at all wet-- perfect (although a little nerve-wracking for me) sledding conditions!

After coming home and warming up, Mason and I enjoyed our traditional crab legs and clam chowder (YUM) while the kids feasted on pigs in a blanket.  And then.... then it was time for our evening festivities.  Perhaps one of my favorite Spahnville traditions is our annual Christmas Eve family photo shoot.  Every year, it's the same: Mason is in charge of setting up the "real camera"--he turned it on this year and realized that the last photos taken were Christmas Eve last year :), while the three of us "pose" next to the tree and make Mason exasperated.  We're lucky if we can get a couple good shots-- especially now with a two year old-- and Mason never seems to actually enjoy it (secretly he likes it....) but it's always worth it--- the photos are my favorite.  2016 year was no different.

That night we tucked the kids (clad in their new Christmas jammies) into cozy flannel-lined beds and waited for Santa to arrive.  The excitement was tangible-- and we couldn't wait to wake up the next morning.  (Well, Mason and I would have been okay sleeping in....)

To be continued....

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