Saturday, February 11, 2017

Embracing Technology

Ah, New Year's Resolutions.  Go to the gym, lose 10 pounds, eliminate sugar, walk 30 minutes a day, etc. etc. etc.  I haven't set a health/ weight related resolution for several years, but I do love setting goals and tend to focus on things like reading more books, knitting more projects, and spending more time outdoors. Last year, I created a Winter's Solstice intention on finding more time for myself.  Mason thinks I succeeded with flying colors on that goal! (I agree that I did-- throughout the year, I found myself justifying a writing retreat, girls weekends, and plenty of solo trips to target with my new mantra...."Go for it! It's the year to do things for myself!"  In fact, it became somewhat of a joke around here because Mason would often say, "Whatever you want to do, just do it.  It's the year of Karah, isn't it?") So last year, as the year wrapped up, I started to think about what my new goal would be.  Several ideas crossed my mind, but ultimately, one won in the end: Embrace Technology.

Sounds easy enough, right? 2017 and technology is here to stay, right?  But those of you who know me best know what a challenge this is going to be for me.  I'm not crazy about technology.  I don't like it, it doesn't impress me, it doesn't light any kind of fire in my belly, and quite honestly I would be totally happy with no technology.  I like books with paper, calendars that hang on walls, and memorizing my friends' phone numbers.  I long for photo books with printed pictures and mail that arrives in the mailbox instead of on a screen.  I love music that requires a tangible object being played on some kind of player (remember record players? cassette tapes? cd's?), I like clouds that only exist outside in the sky, and I'd be okay living in a world without the words "upload, download, and sync.".  Oh, and the *&!!@ rainbow circle makes me want to hurt myself and anyone around me.  None the less, I have come to the realization that technology is not going anywhere and rather than fight it, perhaps I should embrace it.  Or at least start dealing with it.

So my journey began shortly before Christmas when I took a trip to our local Apple Store to see if they could help me out with a longtime battle of phone storage on my iPhone.  Ultimately, they could not.  (However, they took a million hours of their time with me and were so sweet and nice and pleasant even though I was obviously clueless.  I think it's because these sweet self-proclaimed apple geeks are under the age of 25 and I remind them of their mothers.). Anyway, that non-productive meeting led me to setting up another meeting for the beginning of the year.  I chickened out twice before keeping the one I had yesterday-- strictly due to anxiety because the whole thing just freaks me out. But yesterday I had a meeting with Sam at the Apple Store and I can honestly say that I'm definitely feeling like I'm on the first rung of my embracing technology ladder.

Sam helped me set up my new phone (that I also bought last week--gulp!!  May I just say that I am not the one who does techy things like deal with buying new phones--and I avoid things like this at all costs-- so I felt like a very big girl for doing this) and get everything all synced and i-clouded and reset.  (This was ultra annoying because my apple ID and password was connected to a recently compromised email account... it was as if the universe was testing me to see if I was actually going to go ahead with this whole goal.)  He answered questions and took his time with me and helped me realize that "times they are a changing!" I had a little ephipony when I realized that I'm not always going to be able to play cd's on my computer -- just like my parents had to say goodbye to 8tracks, vinyl, and cassette tapes. And though I'm more comfortable with my cd's, there's a lot of good stuff available and accessible 'on the cloud'-- the key is knowing about it, and knowing what to do with it.  And though it gives me a gut ache just thinking about it, I'm breathing deep and trying hard to accept it.

It's hard for me to take these steps and keep moving forward because this is not something that feels naturally important to me.  However, I'm starting to see the benefits in accepting it...slowly...bit by bit. Before leaving the store, I made one more purchase for our home: a new desktop.  We've never owned one before so this feels very grown-up and 'family-ish'.  And it's freaking beautiful and makes me want to sit down and light a candle and drink hot tea and write and embrace technology all day.  We'll see how this goes....

Mason built this ahhh-mazing table for us last weekend.  Isn't it great?! 

to be continued...

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