Thursday, March 2, 2017

That Time I Forgot to Document Anna's Birthday

Just in case you weren't aware, one of my superpowers is procrastination.  I'm an idea person- they surface in my brain like bubbles in a champaign glass, filling me with places to go, things to create, deeds to do.   So it should come as no surprise that last year, when Anna turned two, I had good intentions of documenting the celebration and adding photos to the blog.  Unfortunately, those intentions remained just that.  Intentions.  I never actually got around to writing the blog post or sharing about what a sweet party she had.  So now, as we celebrate Charlie's birthday, I feel like it's high time I revisit Anna's birthday celebration.

Since Charlie's and my birthdays are typically cold and blustery (last year was an exception) it's exciting for me to celebrate a birthday that falls during relatively mild weather.  We decided to take a gamble with the chance of rain and celebrate Anna's birthday at the Waterloo Arboretum.  Aside from the beautiful gardens and walking paths, there are plenty of things for small kids to see and do.  Our favorites are always the koi fish ponds, large sand pit, gnome treasure hunt, and large silos filled with plenty of sensory activities.  Lucky for us, the children's garden is structured so that kids can roam freely without easily escaping into the larger garden area.  (Which allows parents to look away or even dare I say...sit down... for a few minutes.)

Oh, and this post is incredibly picture heavy-- just the way you like it (thanks to my incredibly talented photographer friend, Melissa Clark @heartshotphoto!)

We also forced the kids into some family photos before the other festivities. :) 

Finally, it was time to actually party.  Although the treats were just incredibly simple box-cake-mix cupcakes with a shanizzle of sprinkles on top, the kids thought they were amazing.  Chalk one up for this super mom.

And finally, presents and more playing...

Even though the afternoon was cool and cloudy, our little TWO year old lit up the day.  Anna is definitely a force to be reckoned with.  She's feisty and independent and sassy and strong willed.  She doesn't accept "no" for an answer and is willing to die on the mountains of causes she believes in (like more snacks).  She also has ten thousand different smiles, giggles, and laughs that are contagious to the people around her.  She is curious, she's interested, she's willing to try new things especially if they didn't work out the first time around.  And when she's in the right mood, she's sweet and loving and full of kisses.  (It's just that sometimes you have to be willing to wait a little bit for them-- which could possibly make them all the more sweet.). In any case, she's the cherry on top of our family and we can't imagine a world without her.  Happy Birthday Anna Rose!  Cheers to your next trip around the sun.

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