Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Harry Potter Birthday Party

Note the current date: April 26, 2017 and I'm just now writing a post about Charlie's birthday party.  And for those of you who might not know, Charlie's birthday is Februrary 28th.  At this point, I'd also like to remind you that we did have good intentions of celebrating Charlie's birthday the weekend after his birthday but, we came down with the great stomach flu of 2017 and needed to postpone.  March is a crazy whirlwind for some reason so we picked Easter weekend as our make-up date.  The same people were invited and all was looking good until Charlie came down with influenza B the week before his party.  We were all bummed because it was looking like the party was a no-go again, but we miraculously were able to pull it off-- even if most of our guests weren't able to make it.

I had been so excited to give Charlie this Harry Potter birthday-- especially back in February.  We had been reading the first HP book (Charlie received the illustrated version for Christmas) and he was so submerged in everything Harry Potter.  As soon as we turned the last page, he was asking when we could read book #2-- which we began reading only a few weeks later.  But somewhere between finishing book #2 and Easter, the magic and excitement of the whole birthday party theme had worn off a little.  So when it looked like the majority of our guests could not attend and Charlie was still not feeling 100%, it would have been really (incredibly) easy to just pack up the loot and take Charlie to Chuck E. Cheese instead.  If only I hadn't gone to all that work already....

So (in a very selfish way because I had invested so much personal craft time already...) we went ahead and hosted the party.  And honestly, it worked out great and felt more magical than I ever imagined.

(Note: Thanks to the internet and Pinterest, I din't have to come up with a single original thought. Every idea you'll see here was stolen from someone else. )

Pictured L-R:
Books covered in printable book covers with HP glasses resting on top, wands made out of dowels and hot glue, stuffed golden snitch, Hedwig owl (borrowed from our school nurse).

I found this role of brick paper (that is supposed to be used for a photo backdrop) at Hobby Lobby.  With one slice up the middle, it became the perfect Platform 9 3/4 and held up surprisingly well.

Kitchen Great Hall:
Floating candles made with paper towel tubes, hot glue "wax", and battery operated candles.

We divided the party up into "classes".  First class was Herbology so we painted little pots with shiny acrylic paint.  (They are wearing school robes that I made from 3XL tshirts cut and hemmed to look like a robe.)

Anna and Charlie both sported some of Mason's best artwork to date: the lightning bolt scar.

Next class was potions and this was by far the most exciting class.  I had hopes of making some Borax slime and while I had all the ingredients collected and ready to go, it just really sounded like a lot of work to me that morning.  So I nixed it and told the kids we could make it some afternoon-- but I'm secretly hoping they forget about it.  

For potions, I collected a bunch of old bottles and tubes.  The Target dollar spot just so happened to be selling these funky colored bottles in February which were perfect.  I bought the mini cauldrons on Amazon and each student had three at their station.  We poured different colored potions (vinegar with food coloring) into the cauldrons and used a dropper to drop the colors onto the powdered Unicorn horns (baking soda).  The kids could have played with this stuff all day and when Keira took things to the next level by adding glitter, we about lost our cool because, well, it was just soooo cool.

After Potions class, Coach Mason rallied the troops for a rousing game of Quidditch.  We hung two hula-hoops up at either end of the basement and used different sized balls to play the game.  As Charlie and Keira tried to toss the ball through the hoops, Anna was in charge of the Bludgers and threw random balls at Charlie and Keira.  Meanwhile, Mason kept the golden snitch in his pocket until the last minute when he would let it loose and toss it in the air.  Of course, the person who catches the snitch is the winner so this was incredibly competitive. 

And lastly, the lightning scar cupcakes, homemade by me and Betty Crocker Moist herself.  I'm telling you, I went all out on this birthday party!  

Whew!  Not quite two months late but better than never.  So glad we actually went for it-- magic happens when you let it.

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