Thursday, July 20, 2017

30 More Days

Last night the kids and I went to the pool and then drove around town.  They love having the windows down, sunroof open, and Kidz Bop blaring on the radio.  As we drove, the sound of cicadas buzzed in the trees outside our windows, loud enough to hear over the bouncy rhythm of kids singing Justin Timberlake songs.  I glanced over at Charlie, (buckled up in the front seat so that Anna could sit in back on his booster...) and said, "I just love the sound of cicadas.... but I also hate it too."  Charlie looked at me with a knowing sigh and said, "You mean because summer is almost over?"

Didn't we just arrive here?  Wasn't yesterday the last day of school?  How is July almost over?  Every year I start to panic around this time.  The 4th of July has come and gone, the corn is towering above my head, and Target has turned their springy Easter section into a school-supply-haven.  Our summer bucket list is only half-way checked off.  We still haven't gone to Dairy Queen.  We haven't painted outside.  We haven't climbed a tree or gone to a zoo or attended a baseball game.  We haven't even made our annual handprint stepping stone.  Was there some mistake this year?  Did the cicadas hatch and make their homes in our trees and start buzzing a month too early?

Unfortunately, no.  It really is mid summer and the days really are getting shorter every evening.  The sun is slowly heading south and god-dammit, all the usual signs are pointing to fall coming again this year.  There is a knot starting to form in my stomach, anxiety about what comes next (the season that shall NOT be named) but rather than dwell on it, I'm trying to focus on the fact that we still have nearly a month of summer left.  Teachers go back to school on August 18 (which is ridiculous but nobody asked for my opinion) so we have roughly 30 more days of summer.  All of our coming weekends are spoken for but that's not to say that every day is over before it starts.  I'm trying to remember that we have plenty of pool days ahead, plenty evening bike rides and patio fires.  We have time to make a hand print stepping stone and still attend a baseball game. We won't panic when we don't cross off every item on our bucket list-- there will be more zoos and more trees to climb and summer will come again.

A few of my favorite summer pics (that haven't appeared on Instagram).  And btw, Charlie isn't into having his picture taken lately-- thus, the apparent lack of Charlie photos.

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