Friday, July 7, 2017

Kelly Visit 2017

At what point does something become a tradition?  Does it have to happen annually or bi-annually or can it just be something that sometimes happens and when it does it kind of feels like Christmas because it's magical in that rare/amazing, happens-only-so-often-feeling way so you want to think of it as a tradition?  This is where I am with Kelly's summer visits to Iowa.  She and her boys came last year and everything fell into place so easily that when she mentioned another possible trip to Iowa this summer, it only made sense to try to duplicate our experience.

After getting the troops back to our house, the big boys settled in right away.  Kelly and I both wondered how they would be with each other-- would the need a little time to warm up? Would they get along? They're both a little quirky in their own little ways-- would they enjoy this or be annoyed with it? But within two minutes, we knew they were going to be just fine.  The two stayed up late catching "dragonflies" (according to Turner), eating snacks on the patio, and slipping deeper and deeper into their shared imaginary world.

When the sun finally set, they continued their game by the LED glow of flashlights--something about being given a mission from the king to defend the castle.  Their final mission was to sleep in a haunted castle overnight-- with Charlie sleeping in the upper level and Turner being assigned the lower level.  :)

The next day was a little rainy, so we resorted to devices and a little playing in the rain.  However, these two aren't exactly known for a lengthy attention span... even though I could have walked around the neighborhood in the chilly thunderstorm all morning.

We also jumped on the slime bandwagon and created some magical potions.  Our slime turned out really well and so far hasn't been embedded into too much carpet or clothing.   Apparently this wasn't the case when we took it to Liz's house....  (I used this recipe to make the slime )

Overall, the kids got along really well but I'm not gonna lie and say that having two two-year olds in the house was easy.  They bickered and fought over toys pretty much constantly.  They screamed and cried and whined and made me super thankful that Mason and I weren't blessed with twins.  And when Jay was sad, I thought maybe a sad selfie would cheer him up.  Guess not.

Kelly had mentioned that Turner was excited to eat ice cream at night because this is what we do in the summer.  It kind of cracked me up because we never have ice cream in the house.... except for three months in the summer.  And then my kids eat it every single night and it's suddenly what we're remembered for. 

On Wednesday, everyone piled into the van and drove to watch Charlie play a T-ball game in Eldora. The littles were entertained by throwing rocks into a drainage tile and Turner ate goldfish and cheered on Charlie.  Afterward, we played at the park until everyone was a huge sweaty mess.

The following day was our date morning!  For the first time, we hired a babysitter and had a little free time to ourselves.  We had four glorious hours to ourselves but it felt like five minutes as we shopped downtown Grundy and ate a local bar/grille.  Never enough time to really catch up, but it was perfect to relax a little without the constant interruptions that come with having four kids around.  The afternoon was hot and sunny and we had decided to head to the pool after the little ones woke up from their naps.  Too bad I hadn't checked to make sure the pool was actually open-- when we arrived they were just closing for swimming lessons.  The kids were bummed (mainly Charlie) but our plan B involved blowing up the waterslide, Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits, and drinking wine.... which turned out even better than the pool. Possibly my most favorite hours of the whole visit.

Kelly's flight left Friday evening which gave us a little bonus time to spend the next morning.  Everyone attended our Toddler Yoga class at the library which was probably either comical or annoying to all those involved.  And before we knew it, we were heading to Des Moines to drop our friends off and say goodbye until next time.  Definitely the worst part of the trip every time.

Already looking forward to next summer.  Kelly, go ahead and book the flights!!

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