Sunday, July 9, 2017

Right Now (July 2017)

These are quite possibly my favorite posts.  Little tidbits about our daily life-- things I'm sure would be forgotten if I don't write them down.

Anna:  Anna continues to be what Mason calls our Sour-Patch Kid.  She's so sour and naughty and mischievous one minute and then turns it all around a melts your heart the next.  Just this past weekend she was wrecking the house and then the next second thanking Liz for coming to visit us, and telling her that she's 'gonna miss you guys'.  

Anna loves playing 'Baby" with Charlie.  In this 'game', Charlie is the baby and Anna is his mom-- she's sometimes very caring and sweet and sometimes says things like, "You cry baby!  Stop it! Don't get my flip flop!"

Anna would prefer to sit on Charlie's side of the car-- she hates sitting in her carseat and loves the opportunity to use Charlie's booster instead.  ("I sit on Charlie's side?")  

I need to find new flip flops for her as she wears them all the time.  And she wears mine.  And Charlie's.  And Mason's.  

Anna loves wearing dresses and "turling" around.

She asks to go for walks...but won't sit in a stroller long enough to go for a walk.  And walking around the block with her walking can be an hour long activity.  Great if you need a time killer, not so great if you just want to walk around the block after dinner. 

Loves swinging on her tummy our playset and often sprints from our patio door to the swing, diving into it and giggling hysterically. 

Frozen every morning. "I watch Fro-zeen in yo bee-doom?)

We are trying so hard to work on being kind and using a nice voice, which I have too many mixed feelings to write about now.  (She says things like, "Zip it!" and "Not your attitude!" and "Dat not my choice!" when given two choices.)

Current Phrases: 
"What you said?"
"What him doing?" 
"What her name?"
"Hey Babe"
"You not the boss."
"Check yo' ah-tude"
"I not do any-fing!"
"Oh yeah, I got it. I got it."
"What we havin' fo' lunch?" (Everything is "lunch"-- doesn't matter time of day)

Favorite words: 
Atch-a-lee (Actually)
Skun-squeen (sunscreen)
Swimming' Kool (swimming pool)
Ice Keem

Charlie:  Charlie is still our sweet, rule-abiding, Charlie.  He tries so hard to solve his problems but gets frustrated easily and is working on not shutting down when faced with difficulties.  His laugh is contagious-- prompting lots of dinner giggle fits and giggle contests with Anna.  He still loves to play his "game"-- which involves running back and forth in our house and is not to be watched by anyone.  

He's still obsessed with roller coasters and water slides.  We've done Adventureland and Valleyfair and Lost Island in the past month and he still can't get enough.  He's such a daredevil for things like rollercoasters and waterslides-- definitely something I wouldn't have believed a few years ago!

Charlie is getting so much better on his bike.  He's working on standing up while riding, but isn't quite confident to do it yet.  (But if you ask him, he's super proficient at this already.) 

He has begun collecting the state quarters and is working on filling in a state map that holds all the collector's edition coins. 

Charlie has become such a fantastic reader.  Current favorite is Captain Underpants (Although we can't find #6 anywhere!!) and he has been known to be found reading before getting out of bed in the morning or just relaxing in the afternoon with one of these books. 

Still has a complete and total lack of an inside voice.

Missing front teeth-- watching the adult teeth grow in-- they are SO big and are changing the look of his face so much!

Loves his buzzed haircut and keeps complaining to me that I didn't let Daddy cut it short enough-- meaning another buzz is right around the corner.  I think it might be happening this morning, in fact.

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