Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Gimme Autumn

Today, as I stood outside for recess duty, it struck me that not everyone in this world hates the changing seasons.  In fact, the majority of people I talk to actually enjoy them.  People apparently like digging out jeans and wearing long sleeves and scarves and boots and mittens. But me?  Nope.  Still holding strong with the statement that I could really do without the changing seasons.  Today kids were running around the playground in winter coats and I felt very sad.

However, I'm not going to ruminate on the sadness and will instead focus on the fact that Mother Nature gifted us with another beautiful weekend (with the exception of Saturday being cold and blustery)--- which allowed us to enjoy all sorts of good ol' fall fun.

Last week was rough on me (emotionally and physically) as I detoxed from our college girls weekend in Minnesota.  Real life punched me in the gut when I got home-- not really in a bad way, just in the daily grind sort of way-- people wanting to be fed and have clean clothing to wear, dishes piling up in the sink, snack schedules for school, and husband/wife work logistics.  The week dragged on and I didn't laugh nearly as much as I did during the 36 hours I was gone.  But.... the weekend saved me.  It brought me back to life in the daily world and helped remind me that I can smile and laugh and love life right here at home-- which I totally do.

The weather put a damper on our tailgate plans, but we managed to get together with friends and teach the kids the fine art of balancing paper plates on laps while tempting the palette with savory combinations like puffy Cheetos and Scotcheroos, Chicken & a Biscuit and Puppy Chow, and Jelly Beans and Beef sticks.

Anna also found all the animals (guinea pigs, dogs, and cats all in one place.  She was in Heaven!)

Then we made our way to the Dome, where we were sheltered from the rain & wind.  "Uncle" Matt is one of Anna's favorites...

With a little over a minute left in the game, the Panthers had an awesome comeback-- scoring a touchdown to lead the game by 5 points.  Sadly, it was enough time for the Leathernecks to score...twice.  Charlie was so disappointed, he looked like he might have cried, and he probably would have-- had he not been distracted with the opportunity to run on the field.  We let the kids run and run and run..... with the hopes of them sleeping and sleeping and sleeping later.

Max and Anna ran with each other the entire time-- where there was one, we knew the other was close by.

Before leaving, we managed to wrangle the four kids for a photo-- this is as close as we came to getting everyone to look at the camera.  Also, notice Ellody's newly missing tooth-- knocked out by her daddy while she was running around on the field. :)


On Sunday, we met Nicole and Keira and headed to the Barn Stahl.  Unlike Saturday, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and the kids begged to stay at the farm all day.

Bright blue skies, cool temperatures, fall colors, harvest, pumpkins, apple cider, caramels, pumpkin patch fun.......   okay, maybe I might be a teeny-tiny little bit okay with the changing of seasons.  Just a little.  Gimme some Autumn love.  But please keep my secret.  Shhhhhh.....

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