About Spahnville

What's this blog all about? 

I'm consider myself to be the most average of average 30-somethings, living life in a small midwestern town.  Here in Spahnville, my days are spent reading fairy tales, wiping runny noses, kissing boo-boos, and sometimes enjoying a glass of wine with my husband.  Life in a two-stoplight town is laid back, intimate, and absent of road-rage and fast food temptations.  It sounds like life in a tiny town should be relaxing and easy but I often find it hard and confusing.  This town is conforming and I like diversity.  It happens to be conservative; I happen to be liberal.  It's super religious; I'm super "universal" (whatever that means).  It's not at all where I thought I'd wind up and I've come to realize that's probably exactly why I've been planted here.  God/ The Universe/ works in mysterious ways, right?

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