Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh Mexico!

Four years ago, one of my best friends married an awesome person on the beaches of beautiful Mexico.  The wedding came just two months after my own beachy wedding, and nobody had to twist my arm to take two vacations in one year.  Unfortunately, M couldn't attend the wedding due to his busy work schedule, but my best friend in the entire world jumped at the opportunity. Let's call this friend "Duet" (she's a pianist, and my choice of partners if I ever was in a duet with someone)

So "Duet" lives in Phoenix and decided to meet me in Mexico.  Our planes arrived a few hours apart and we both took separate taxis to the resort.  (I'm not sure I would do this in 2011 though)  We were only gone a few days (I think we flew out on Thursday and came back on Sunday--I only took off one day of work for this trip!) but it was the best "girls trip" ever.  We were a couple for the weekend-- and it was awesome.  Being in a beautiful tropical location with your best girl friend--amazing.

Here's the two of us during our night on the town: 

Now, Mason and I have gone on two "big" vacations and while he is the love of my life, and my best best best deepest loving friend, a best girlfriend is just.....different.  When Mason and I have gone on vacation, we talk a lot, but don't spend endless HOURS of non-stop conversation.  We laugh and chuckle, but don't find ourselves having belly aches from a memory that is so absurd and random and hilarious.  We admit that we feel bloated after indulging in too many cocktails and rich food, but we don't compare stomach rolls or flabby thighs.

I'm not saying that I would rather go on a vacation with my girlfriends than my husband because there is nothing better than getting to spend time with M away from home.  But our Mexico trip opened my eyes to the importance of keeping friendships with girlfriends just as alive.  When Duet and I were in Mexico, we vowed that we would take a similar trip someday-- even if we had children--we would make it happen.  Of course, neither of us really "got it" when it came to what that meant-- and now that we both have little ones, it's easier to understand how people gradually put these kinds of promises on the back burner.

But as I think about that vacation four years ago, I have a deep thankful feeling for the amazing girlfriends in my life.  I hope I'm lucky enough to spend many more years with them and create many more memories.  And now after this trip down memory lane, I have something stirring in my belly to round up my girlies and head somewhere warm-- or at least somewhere with a heater, some cocktails, and maybe an indoor pool.


  1. I love this post it made me cry - everything you said is so true about girl friends and those special times together! I love that you guys had that trip and I'll help out in the future so you guys can do it again. Hugs - Elicia

  2. I love you and Duet together! :) So many happy memories of you guys being nice enough to hang out with me in high school.