Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two Trips Around the Sun

Two years ago today, my husband and I brought a gorgeous little blue eyed baby into this world.  Although, as his mother, I am biased, I really do think he was one of the more beautiful newborns I've ever seen.  He had perfect complexion, soft bright eyes, and (once his cone head receded a bit) the sweetest little bit of fuzz for hair. 

He was named immediately--after his two grandfathers (Charles Steven).   I love his name; it's so strong and traditional and kind of simple in a way.  Unlike many of his peers' names, I believe his name will remain age-appropriate throughout his lifetime.

When we first brought home Charlie, I remember thinking, "You do not look like a Charlie".  I'm not sure what I thought a "Charlie" looked like, but I didn't think it was this tiny little 100% dependent thing that I held for hours.  But now, two years later, and I think his picture should be next to the name "Charlie" on every baby name website.  Because, well..... that is exactly who he is!

So after two trips around the sun, who is Charlie?  While we're still getting to know him, I'll try to give you a glimpse:

* LOVES music.  Will "dance" at random by twisting his hips, sticking out his belly, and often lifting up his shirt.  Sometimes, he'll even wow his audience with his impressive "fire hydrant" move, where he balances on one leg and sticks the other up and out to the side.

* Is incredibly inquisitive.  His new favorite phrases are:  "What's this?" "What's this mama?" (today, the answer was "water tower")

* Has one speed: running.  The best part is that he hunches his shoulders, looks at his "really fast" feet, and just takes off.

* Loves to jump.  On the couch.  On the bed.  From the rug to the floor.  From the step to the floor.  From the changing table to Mama.  (C's bday gift is a trampoline!)

* Is always "owie".  We have started to ignore every time he says "OW!" because it's constant.

* May have some tactile issues.  And some OCD issues?  He hates dog hair.  (Tough to avoid in our house) He hates lint.  He hates fuzz.  He hates dust, scraps of paper, dirt, and crumbs.  Apparently, all of these things are "Really Acky".

* Loves going "Way High".  This is a game that I have delegated to his father.  It involves C sitting in a laundry basket and his daddy becoming a machine that turns the basket into something resembling the Swings and a Tilt-a-Whirl at a county fair.

* Has a "sensitive time" from about 5:00- 6:30.  His mother usually reaches for a glass of wine during this hour.

* Can count to 10.  We are proud and yes, I'm bragging.  My kid is obviously the most awesome toddler ever.

* Has some 'crooked' (?) front teeth.  They may or may not be the result of binkie use, but I am not too concerned.  However, as both of us are "teeth people",  I think it's secretly bothering us both a little.  (But really, who doesn't wear braces at some point?)

* Drives us crazy with his preferences.  For example, which color cup his milk is in.  We have actually stopped mentioning things like, "in your pink cup" because he will inevitably say, "no pink cup!" but not actually pick another color. At that point, no cup is the right cup. Crazy maddening.

* Loves books.  Most parents worry when they "hear" a quiet room but 9 out of 10 times, he is looking through books, reading them to himself.

* Is crazy about balls.  Kick balls. Soccer balls.  Golf balls.  Basketballs.  Footballs.  Nerf balls.   He loves to throw, catch, and kick balls all over the house.

* Loves to help cook and frequently drives me crazy with whines of "Up Mommy!" while I'm making dinner.  He wants to see the water boil, or sauce simmering, and is not okay with us telling him to back up a little.

* Spends a lot of time around girls (at daycare) and is well-versed in purses, necklaces, princesses, make up, and the colors pink and purple.

* Has taken to practicing Yoga with Mama in the evenings.  Usually only lasts a few minutes, but it's a few minutes of calm before bedtime.  He is especially good at "deep breath",  "look way high", and "down doggie".

* Lately loves to walk around in Mama's shoes.  Typically he will only wear one, as it's a little harder to walk in both.  The other night, he wore one of his snow boots for over an hour.

* Is very hard to photograph as he's constantly saying, "Arlie look?" and peering at the screen.

* Happens to be obsessed with the moon.  Almost every night he asks about the moon, and is extremely disappointed if it's already nigh-night, or hiding under the clouds.  It is one of the last things he looks for at night and always the first thing he looks for on the way to daycare. 

* Probably is left handed. (Supposedly this is not determined until age 5 so we'll wait and see....)

* Likes to "toast" his milk during supper.  Cheers to you birthday boy!

While all of these things are true, I think the biggest thing about Charlie is that he is such a gentle soul.  He is amazingly kind and caring for a toddler.  He seems to have genuine emotions of joy, sadness, and concern for others.  He is gentle and giving and more than a handful of people have referred to him as having an "old soul".  Don't worry-- he of course gets frustrated (and frustrates us), has meltdowns, whines, and cries.  But overall, he's just a really sweet little guy.  I admit that he's not perfect, nor should he be, but I'm quite proud of and enamored with the little person he is at two years old. 

Happy Birthday Charlie!

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