Monday, March 26, 2012

Grody-Jody Step-stool Transformation

Earlier today I mentioned that I have been feeling very "crafty" these past few weeks.  Not sure if it's due to the spring weather or my time away from facebook, but whatever the reason I see potential for improvement in a lot of our household items these days.

So, my first little project was transforming this very practical & useful, but very disgusting step stool.  I cringed whenever we would bring this into the kitchen from it's comfy home in our garage.  Looking at it made me grouchy.

Ewww.  Gross.  Gross.  Gross.  
This step stool was obviously part of several home improvement projects.  Poor thing.
Amazing what a bath can do! But I still wanted
Enter Prince Charming (M ordered this on Wednesday and we had it Friday!) 

And our new & improved, welcome inside, fun step-stool that doesn't make me feel grouchy-  Yay!
(It's actually bright red but the picture looks kinda orange-y)  

Overall, I think it turned out pretty cute.  Aside from a few tiny gnats that met an unfortunate fate before the paint had dried, that is.  Tonight C & I added some animal stickers to it and he carried it all around the house this evening.  I'd call that a success.  


  1. Good idea. I have some of that spray paint that's supposed to be good for plastic lawn chairs left over from Vali's stop light Halloween costume. I should totally use it to give our bathroom stepstool (which is so gross it's embarrassing) new life.