Monday, March 26, 2012

Keeping Up With the (Cyber) Joneses

During my time away from facebook, I've started wasting my time reading blogs.  I love glimpsing into these random strangers' lives and learning about them, their families, and their hobbies.  It's kind of like walking through the neighborhood in the evening when people stil have their shades open and the lights on inside.  It's like a little peek into someone else's world.

But I have to remember that it's just that: A peek.  These gorgeous photos of little crafts done with little hands (that somehow don't have dirt under the fingernails like my kid's nails) or photos of their smiling little children (that somehow don't have chocolate--or possibly dirt-- caked into the corners of their mouth).  It's kind of like everyone else is living a June Cleaver life.  But in color.

And while I think I'm probably living less like June Cleaver and more like Roseanne (without the ratty afghan on the couch) I've become inspired by a lot of these blogs.  Mostly the crafty and organizational ones.  It's like I've been bitten by the craft/ organizational bug.  Yikes-- that's a very intense bug bite!  The side effects are that I've become obsessed with somehow getting my entire life organized.  Suddenly, I feel like every nook and cranny in our house has no rhyme or reason and needs to be de-cluttered and organized.  I've gotten the kitchen cupboards under control, organized the cookbook & mail storage, de-cluttered the guest bathroom, and am working on the garage.  (My list of areas to organize is pages long and would bore you to death)

Right now, I also feel like C is coming into the perfect age to play more independently-- and taking out and putting away his own toys is a part of independent play.  However, I realize that it's hard for him to do this if things are so tucked away and unaccessible to him.  I'm trying to design & create an artsy area in his playroom that will allow him to choose and utilize our art supplies more.  Plus, I've run across so many little DIY projects to do for C.  (We made a sensory box last week--a HUGE hit-- and died some pasta noodles last night-- another huge hit!) And I keep roping M into helping me with the bigger manly DIY tasks.  (He's responsible for making a sensory swing, a sandbox, and a see-saw this summer.  No pressure babe.)

So while reading these fascinating blogs is taking up time, I guess it's also kind of awakened a sleeping giant as well-- I am motivated to be creative and productive.  I've already done a few little 'makeovers'-- I'll try to post them in the near future.   Looks like it's going to be a busy spring!

Don't you love my door decoration? Inspired by Mad In Crafts blog 

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