Saturday, March 31, 2012

A New Thing for Me: Church

If you've read my blog for awhile, you might remember a post from about a year ago about my religious "beliefs" .... or probably more accurately, my lack of religious beliefs.  You can view it here if you're curious.  But basically, it explained my recent ability to admit and accept that I'm not a Christian, be okay with that, and described my predicament of not having a solid "non-Christian" spiritual outlet.  In the past few years, I've really felt a need to connect with others (a congregation) who share similar beliefs and interests.  I like "church families" and all of the "outings"/ service projects that go along with church goers.  (This is the part that turns off my husband)  The ....dare I say.... 'problem' around here is that everything is sooooo "Jesus-y".  But I'm looking for something a little less Cross- related.

So I've been looking into the Unitarian Universalist church for awhile now.  I read UU things, and follow some UU blogs.  And from afar, it kinda seems right up my ally.

So last Sunday, our family of three went on an errand run.  C had the option of getting groceries with Daddy or attending church with Mommy.  He chose church.  (Now, aside from his cousin's baptism, he's never really been to church so didn't really know what he was choosing) But they had a nice little nursery filled with toys and he was super happy playing with them.  I was honestly a little surprised that he was fine with me leaving.... until a gal came and got me about 30 min later-- explaining that C was a little "sad" and wondering where mama was.  (A "little sad" as in crying giant crocodile tears and sobbing, "My Mama! My Mama! Come Back!) As soon as I rescued him from the nursery, we went to listen to the rest of the service. He was happy as a clam--- and loud as a monkey so some super sweet people behind us showed me where the "take your annoying loud kid during church" room was.  It was actually a much better place for us and of course C was almost totally quiet up there.  And the chairs were much more comfy so it was a good find.

Although I was a little distracted during the service, I enjoyed it and remembered a few tokens to take with me.  I appreciated the references to various religions, and the overall sense of "what good can we do" that the service had.  I especially appreciated the lack of Biblical references-- and the focus instead, on general well-being.  After church, I visited with a few members but C was very ready to find Daddy.

It was such a beautiful day and a good way to start a Sunday morning.  As I watched the few children at the service, I found myself thinking, "I could see Charlie attending this with me".  I like that the religious education is exactly that---it educates children and adults about religions.  With an "s".  They give people the information and acknowledge that there are other ideas out there, other views, other answers.  Unitarians acknowledge that there are possibly many answers to one question, or perhaps, no answer at all.  Really?  Even if "The Bible Tells Me So"?  Yep.  And that's what I've been looking for forever.  So while I didn't drink the Kool-Aid, I do think I'll check it out again.

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