Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day Take Three

On May 13, I celebrated my THIRD Mother's Day.  Wow!  Somedays, it feels like every part of me is dripping with "Mom-ness"-- from my way old and comfy jeans to the little sun spots that are starting to lovingly pepper the corners of my lips to my feelings of our society being rude and out of control.  And then other days, it feels like I am a million people (wife, counselor, neighbor, chef, artist, professional organizer, gardner, wanna-be-author,) with mother coming in as kind of an after thought.

If you have read this blog for awhile, you might remember my last Mother's Day and what a doozy it was.  (If you have forgotten, you can check it out here.) So I was a tiny bit nervous about Mother's Day weekend-- and especially when C was cranky and whiny Saturday morning.  But something miraculous happened---  we had a the most amazing Mother's Day.  Here's the recap: 

C wanted to spend as much time with me as possible so he woke up around 6:05 Sunday morning.  (I wanted to spend time with him too, but I probably would've been okay if he had chosen to sleep in until  maybe 7:00.)  I may or may not have suggested that he and Daddy go get a donut from the store while I lie in bed for another ten minutes-- which is exactly what they did.  Too bad our good girl needed to still be let out and didn't think Mother's Day was any exception to her bladder control.  

Anyway, the boys came back with sprinkle cake donuts (MY FAVORITE) and cookies and we gobbled them up.  (Please dismiss this sentence when you read a future blog post about our new healthy lifestyle)  The weather was simply beautiful so we jumped on our bikes (actually, C jumped in the bike trailer and as he did so my bike fell over--pinning his foot to the cement.  It was a minor catastrophe that was quickly forgotten with a trip to the tennis courts) and headed to the Purple Park.  While there, we played tennis (throw the ball over the net), dug with the diggers, and played on the equipment.

Kisses during breakfast
After leaving the park, we had a quick snack and then I dropped C off at his daycare provider's house.  (Long story short:  We had tickets to see "Burn the Floor" at Galagher.  We had NO idea that Mother's Day was like a National Holiday in GC and everyone does massive family things and 3 people offered to babysit and then backed out b/c of Mother's Day.  So..... Nicole offered to help out and in return, we get to have her toddler play at our house two nights this week while they attend awards banquets) 

We picked up C after the [amazing] show and proceeded to have a wonderful night.  C and I played at a park before coming home to make supper and give him & M a little time to play outside.  After eating on the deck (a new favorite of C's) we came inside, took a (much needed) bath, read a million books, and had lights out.  I was totally exhausted so I turned in early for the night.  M worked in the basement, cleaned up the kitchen, then enjoyed a glass of wine while I was already sawing zzzzz's.  Hey, on Mother's Day, 8:30 is a perfectly appropriate bedtime, isn't it?  

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