Sunday, September 16, 2012

Battle of the Bathtub: Part 2

Although I'd like to say that my little sticker chart worked wonders and my little cherub has been a gem at every bath since the beginning of the chart..... I can't.  His affection for the chart wanes like my affection for running.  (And lately, I'm not feeling the running love like my kid isn't feeling the bath love)

And while this little bathtime temper tantrum thing really annoys me to no end, I'm trying to handle it without breaking a sweat.  I'm trying to act like C's shrill screaming isn't bothering me in the least and that afterall, I am the one in charge.  (I've been reading this book-- I'll try to write more about it later because I have found a few gems in it that might be helpful for my one friend who reads this blog)

Our school is currently using "Love & Logic" for our professional development and I think that the majority of us are really enjoying it.  It's a little different verbage than what we're used to, and a little different way of thinking for most of us, but I think we're starting to get the hang of it.  So, when I found this book, I thought it would serve a double purpose-- help me get better with Love & Logic at school, and maybe find a gem or two to use at home.  (I promise I'll post my review on here eventually)

Anyway, one of the suggestions in the book was to encourage a tantrum.  (Explain to your child that they can probably do it louder and more dramatically than they are currently doing.  Maybe even suggest they practice in the kitchen before to get better at performing for you.)  Initially, I wasn't keen on this idea (one of the few I didn't really agree with in the book).  I thought it sounded a bit sarcastic (and I'm trying sooooo hard to be less sarcastic at work/ home!!--seriously, for real!) and I knew that my kid would never buy into reverse psychology.  

Enter bath time tonight.  I had just eaten a Dove Chocolate.  C was interested.  (Wouldn't you be?)  Our conversation: 

C: What this? 
Me: It's a wrapper. 
C: What was in it?
Me.  Oh, just some really delicious chocolate.  You probably wouldn't like it.  
C: I would like it!
Me:  Well, I'm kind of sad.  Because only big boys and mommies can have it.  And people who don't cry in the bathtub.  
C: Oh.  

And that was that.  It was like he was thinking: "Well, I'm gonna scream in the tub so whatever.  Chocolate/ Schmocolate." 

But read on about what actually happened! 

I told C that I was going to run the bath water at 7:45 (which I did).  Then, I came out and told him: 

Me: Well Charlie, it's time to start crying!  Tonight I want you to scream louder than you ever have before. I want to see if you can cry super hard and then when I wash your hair, I want to see if you can cry louder than any other babies in the whole world.  

And..... he giggled.  

C:  I not a baby!!  I a big boy! 

Me:  Well, you're a big boy all day, but when you take a bath you cry and so I want you to cry super loud like a big baby.  

C: (more giggling)  No!  I a big boy!  I not cry!  

Me:  Well, if you don't cry, then I'll have to give you that really yummy candy.  And I don't think you will like that! 

C:  (laughing now) I DO like yummy candy!  I a BIG HUGE boy!  

By this point, he was in the tub and I had him halfway washed.  The bath proceeded to go well right up until the time the last drop of water had drained.  I am by no means stating that we have won this battle, but I do think that we chalked one up on the Mom/ Dad side of the score board tonight and I would be lying if I said that I didn't feel a tiny bit victorious.  


  1. Love. It. I have used reverse phycology in teh past with my boys -- mostly in regards to eating the food on their plate -- I am sad that they are to smart for this now--

  2. Hahaha. This conversation you had with C cracked me up! I stole your little chart idea from a previous post and am using it for potty training. I don't think mine's ready, but I sure am ready for her to be out of diapers:) as for baths...(sigh).