Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Happiest 5K

Months ago, my sister posted a link on facebook about a run I'd never seen before: The Color Run.  The video link looked super fun and when we learned that The Color Run was coming to Iowa, we signed right up. 

And October 6th sounded like a great time for a race-- nice cool mornings, warm afternoons, perfect right?  Well.... 

44 degrees is not warm.  

It's actually cold.  Especially when last weekend we roasted in 80+ temps while at the tailgate.

Anyway, we were HAPPY! 

Sister and I met our two (tall) aunties down at the start line.  Actually, we were about 6 blocks from the start line but we were in line.  (We were wave #20 of 20 waves of 500 runners each.  Apparently 27,000 runners ran the DesMoines Color Run-- one of the largest ever!  Go Iowa!)  

Since we were at the (way way) back, we had a chance to chat with Aunties for awhile which was awesome.  But it was cold and I'm thinking we should've cuddled more.  :) 

Here are the pics showing our fun and happy "race" (it isn't actually timed--my kind of race).

Before the run--
dressed in white to show our colors!
We met the aunties right away!
(How did we ever survive without cell phones??)

My turn with the ol' wise ones! 

The before shot--downtown.  

The start "line".  All that white for blocks and blocks
is the crowd waiting to start.

All Smiles!
So by now, you've figured out that you wear as much white as possible when you start-- with hopes of being totally covered in color by the time you finish.

PINK! (As you run, you enter "stations" along
the route where volunteers toss a colored powder on you.)
The "after" picture
At the finish, there is a Color Blast every 15 minutes.
Participants received a packet of colored powder
to toss in the air at the same time.  It was crazy.
And a little scary. But very colorful. 

Two tall sisters
and two shorter sisters.
All with the same last name.  Sort of. 

    C O L O R   R U N   C O L O R  F U N ! ! !


  1. I am SOOOOO doing this next year.

  2. I am so glad you explained this to me -- I was very confused by all the posts on FB -- color run... in all white. Makes sense now!