Thursday, April 4, 2013

Friends, Family, Love, and a Bunny

This past weekend was such a busy one in Spahnville.  I'm pretty sure Charlie is going to be recovering all week long.  Eventually, I hope to write a meaningful post about our weekend events, and how they really made me thankful for the people and resources in my life, but today I'm just going jot down the notes and fill this page up with photos.

Aaaaand.....let's begin:

C has wanted to invite his daycare friend over to play for ages.  She is only about 45 days older than C, and the two of them have spent all but a few months together.  They play beautifully with each other, and really seem to have a special little friendship.  To say that Charlie was thrilled to have her over would be an understatement.  He was over-the-moon excited about her visit, and it did not disappoint.


Later that afternoon, Sister and family arrived for the weekend.  Mother Nature teased us with gorgeous weather and we played outside all afternoon/ evening.  Our neighbor across the street came down with three of his kids and they all played, ran, jumped, scootered, biked, cozy-couped, and bubble-lawn mowed, in our street.  Under the watchful eye of all the grown-ups of course.



We began the morning by taking care of some Easter rituals.  Mainly, egg "dyering".  C & Miss N had fun dyering the eggs and overall, it was a success.  Of course, C only wanted to dyer his eggs the color orange and this had to be the color that he ended up spilling all over the table, chair, and carpet.  (lovely.)  I think I only said the "dammit" word once though and I will consider that a success as well.

Midway through our egg dyering, we made the decision to attend an egg hunt.  GC has an Easter egg hunt that is infamous for being lame.  This year, we heard it was "super lame".  I'm pretty sure people think it's lame because it doesn't involve any eggs, only bags of candy dumped out on the lawn (or in this year's case, the parking lot).  However, one of the perks of living in Spahnville is our proximity to other tiny towns with other lame egg hunts.  We opted for the tiniest option:  Holland, IA.


We abandoned our eggs in their colorful baths and bolted over to Holland.  Not only do they dump candy all over the grass (or inside the run-down community building for the little kids), but they also hide plastic eggs.  Each egg contained a little slip of paper with a "prize" written on it.  C found two eggs and went home with a green ball and an orange frisbee.  I was impressed with his "prizes".  He was more impressed with the m&m's.

That afternoon, we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday.  We surprised him with an adorable cake complete with a Hawkeye and golf cart (Charlie helped order the cake). Fire code didn't allow us to put 60 candles on his cake, so we opted for a candle per decade.  We sang, we ate cake and ice cream, and C helped open presents.  (The favorite had to be the singing Lightning McQueen card picked out my one certain three year-old.) Birthdays are fun, aren't they?


In typical Bomgarsian-Sphanville fashion, we couldn't let the remainder of the evening be relaxing.  We packed in a few more activities.  Dad treated us to birthday dinner in Cedar Falls and then we all went to the UNI basketball game.  C & Miss N had a blast, and were really well behaved.  I thought C was actually going to make it to the end of the game, but he was losing interest and we left with a few minutes remaining.  It was an awesome game and in hindsight, I wish I would have just stayed 'till the end.  It's a totally different story when you're in the moment with a toddler who is ready to go though, isn't it?  


On Easter Sunday, we woke up to hidden eggs and filled Easter baskets.  C & Miss N were incredibly spoiled by that bunny, who may have had a little help from Aunties San & Stace. (Thanks Ladies!)  Both kids tore into their loot and set about playing the morning away.



Eventually, the church-going crew headed out the door to their respected places (I took my mom to the UU church & the others attended the world's longest Easter Catholic mass).  M & C stayed home, playing with the new Hot Wheels track and preparing for Easter Brunch.  We have been attending the same Easter Brunch at our local golf course for so long that it has come to be called a "tradition".  This tradition makes me warm and fuzzy inside.  Mason's mom and his brother's family joined us-- for a grand total of fourteen brunchers.  As always, the food was delicious, the air was cool, the golf cart ride was fun, and the private putting practice was somewhat beneficial. 

After brunch, we headed back to Spahnville to take a few photos and say our goodbyes.  Easter weekend left me feeling like my "family cup" was filled to the brim, and that my friends, is what it's all about.



  1. We had so much fun at Easter in Spahnville! :o) Thanks for sharing the pics--love them and you! I can't believe that we are not going to see you or C this weekend (first weekend in how many weeks!?!) Lets plan something SOON!

  2. Your whole family is so cute, I can't take it:)