Sunday, May 12, 2013

Riding the Wave of Motherhood

Mason call them waves, these sudden urges of love/emotion/crazy adoration that sweep over me at random times.  These feelings force me to put down the laundry, abandon the half-cooked meal, get off the couch during House Hunters (that's true love) and spontaneously hug and kiss and squeeze my husband.... before returning to the task at hand.  Or sometimes, in the middle of shopping at Target, I'll scoop Charlie up and say, "Your mommy LOVES you!" (and lately, he'll say, "Your Kid LOVES YOU!").  It seems I've passed along the waves to my son, as tonight during dinner, he suddenly hopped off his chair, ran over to me, and said, "I wanna give you a great big huge huggy!" And he hugged me and squeezed me and then just as quickly, returned to his meal.

And though these waves usually only last for a moment, today felt like one continuous cresting wave.

The morning began with Charlie's continued tradition of waking me up at 6:00 am. (He is so thoughtful.)  He wanted to cuddle with me right away, but ordered me to brush my teeth first.  "Mommy, your breff is stinky!  It's too stinky for me!  My breff is not stinky.  Go brush your teef now!" (He is so tactful.)  We took care of our oral hygiene, read books, drank coffee, and then met the family at Hy-Vee for brunch (we were in Spencer for the weekend, celebrating my grandmother's 90th birthday).  We played at the park, ate lunch, headed home, played outside, flew a kite, and took some pictures before beginning the wind down routine. 

Before bed, we read books about bugs and in between the thousands of questions he asked about the bug facts, he cuddled into me, nuzzled my nose, kissed my cheek, touched my hair, and gave me  little "love-head-butts".  The bedtime routine is almost a spiritual experience for me.  It is (usually) so peaceful, so tender, so filled with love and 'after bath smell'... that it's almost hard to tiptoe out of his room each night.  And tonight, I just lingered a bit longer...savoring this Mother's Day, prolonging it just a bit more, with a sweet little boy who has made my heart overflow with countless love-waves.

Happy Mother's Day to all my mama friends & family.  Here's an awesome post from my famous friend-- the one who doesn't know I exist but would want to be my bff if our paths crossed long enough to drink tea together.

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