Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hidden Gem

When you think of Iowa, you probably think of fields and fields and more fields.  (And if you're me, you think of that dreaded grey sky and endless snow but let's not go there today.)  Most people don't think of dense wooded areas, great hiking trails, and being surrounded by wildlife.  But hidden right in the middle of Cedar Falls, Iowa, lies Hartman Reserve Nature Center which houses all of these things.

Yesterday, I introduced this little gem to Charlie. (Truth be told, I actually introduced it to him when he was about 6 months and hiked strapped to my back, but I don't think he remembered much of that trip.) We met a friend and spent a good hour hiking the trails through Hartman and honestly, Charlie was ready to keep on going but the "big kids" were ready for lunch.  We brought C's binoculars and magnifying glass, which were both big hits as we checked out crunchy cicada shells, wispy legged spiders, fresh deer droppings, and creamy colored mushrooms.  C insisted on finding a hiking stick and used it the entire time.  I could have taken a million pictures, but I wanted to catch up with Bridget and try to soak up the moment without the camera.  Here's a glimpse of what we saw, you'll have to let your imagination fill you in on the rest.  (But if anyone is up for a Hartman Reserve trip next week, let's do it!-- And I'll bring the camera!)

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  1. I love Hartman Reserve! I haven't been there in years--maybe we can go this fall?