Monday, September 9, 2013

This is Panther Town

Charlie calls the mascots, "The Big Kitty" or "The Duck".  We call them The Panthers or The Duhawks. (Don't worry, nobody else knows what a Duhawk is either.)  My and Mason's respective alma maters, The University of Northern Iowa and Loras College share team colors of purple and gold. So while our house is technically divided on who we're cheering for, at least we're all sporting the same colors.   

But this past weekend, Spahnville was a Panther house. 

It all began with Breakfast with TC and TK (The UNI Mascots).  For the bargain price of five bucks, we were treated to a pretty scrumptious breakfast and one on one time with the mascots.  

Nora couldn't have been more thrilled.

Charlie was a little hesitant, refusing to shake hands or give high fives or knuckles at first.  When I asked him why he didn't want to participate, his little lip trembled and he told me, "My hands are all dirty and the lady said not to touch them if you're hands are sticky."  When I assured him that it was all right to give them a high five, he reluctantly agreed, then warmed right up. 

After we finished eating breakfast, we had a photo op with both mascots.  Miss Nora was overjoyed-- we pretty much had to pull her off the two of them when it was finally time to leave.  (I think they were smitten with her too.)

Later, we spent some time strolling around campus, reminiscing about college life and days gone by.  

Later that afternoon, we made our way to the Dome to watch the Panthers take on the Drake Bulldogs.  Since Uncle Ryan works for Drake, he scored us some tickets in the visitors' section-- but we weren't shy about donning our UNI gear.  Both kids loved the action of the game but let's not lie, they were most excited about the concession stand treats.  

(I have to admit that I love when Miss N insists on sitting next to Aunt Kari)

I love living in the Cedar Valley with so many opportunities to cheer on my Panthers.  And now, like so many other things, sharing these things with C makes it even better.  Here's to many more UNI events in our future.  Go Panthers!


  1. We had so much fun--and are all still talking about our little visit! Thanks for going with us! :o) Also, thanks for sharing the pics--they are great! I will keep you posted on more "family friendly fun" activities to come!