Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rescue Me from Halloween

Yay!!!  We've officially made it through October and the lovely Halloween holiday!  While I admit to loving the spooky Halloween decorations like spiderwebs and monsters and those trendy sugar skulls, I'm so thankful that Halloween is over.  For whoever invented this holiday certainly didn't have three year olds in mind.

Halloween began in Spahnville way back in June, when C announced that he wanted to dress up as a pillow pet.  Naturally, I figured this idea would be long forgotten come fall, but sure enough, when the talk of costumes started to come up, Charlie again eagerly mentioned being a pillow pet.  I tried to come up with alternate ideas, but he was interested in none of them.  At one point, he wanted to be a Sponge Bob pillow pet, but we horrible parents don't allow Sponge Bob in this house so that was nixed too.  Poor kid.

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but eventually, he agreed to be "Diego" (the Spanish speaking cousin of much-loved "Dora the Explorer").  Diego is an animal rescuer, and C plays "rescue" whenever he has free time.  I was thrilled--mostly because I thought a Diego costume would be fairly easy to throw together-- some khaki pants, a blue shirt, a little animal-rescue patch, and a vest.  I'm slowly conquering my fear of the sewing machine and decided to channel my inner Project Runway contestant and make a vest out of Mason's old work pants.  If you look closely, you'll notice the seams are not straight, the sides are uneven, and it's all wonky around the arms.  But it works for a three year old and I was (am) incredibly proud of myself.

Seeking positive affirmation for the job well done, I excitedly showed off the amazing vest and complete Diego costume to my little animal rescuer.  I thought it was awesome.  He didn't.  In no particular order, here's where I screwed up:

1.  The vest didn't close.  (I eventually was ordered to add velcro to remedy this)
2.  Khaki pants "feel yucky".  (Tiger stripe leggings were substituted)
3.  The vest "doesn't go all the way up!"  (Tough luck, kid.)
4.  The rescue pack doesn't go on the same way that Diego's goes on.  (Suck it up, kiddo)
5.  We don't have a purple camera that the pictures "shoot out of it".  (Sorry little one, not going to buy a Polaroid for Halloween)

Eventually, I think he realized that he needed to make due with what he had.  Or the idea of trick-or-treating was compelling enough to let the crappy costume slide.  And judging by the smile on his face, everything turned out just fine.  No rescue needed.

The completed look!

C was thrilled to get a mask!  (Even though he couldn't see a thing-- no wonder these are outlawed)

Mase broke out the power tools for carving.

C broke out the safety goggles.

Ready to rock the trick-or-treating!

Shouting, "Arescate amigos!"

Heading out.

Wrapping up the night. 

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