Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ringing in 2014!

Before much more of this month (and year) slip away, I thought I should probably mention that we DID celebrate New Year's for once!  We all felt very festive and proud of our abilities to party like it's 1999.  Some of us even stayed awake until midnight (EST)!  And one of us (a'hem, charlie) would have stayed awake all night, had his mother not threatened to pack the bags and leave right then.  But, he had his fill of a fabulous evening and I guess I can't really blame him for wanting it to last a little longer.  Thanks to our wonderful friends for hosting a perfect kid and adult friendly shin-dig.  Cheers!

King crab legs and homemade mac & cheese!  It's what's for dinner. 
Is it bad when the kids call the shot glasses "party cups" and drink sparkling juice out of them? 
Most of the cool kids ring in the new year with a pirate sword.  
Confetti bomb!
She let them each choose SEVEN books.  She's craaaazy.
But there's nothing better than watching your friend love your kid. 

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