Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Anna: 7 Months

I know, you think I'm joking, don't you?  But seriously, our little girl is already SEVEN months old. SEVEN.  Seven.  (I'm shaking my head in disbelief as I type this...)

Babies remain a mystery as one day Anna seems fantastic and the next it's like we are just meeting her.  But for the most part, we've settled into a pretty comfortable little routine and things are going swimmingly.  Anna has adjusted to daycare very well and according to Nicole, she is a happy little girl during her time there.  I love Nicole's daycare setting-- it's small and homey and during the school year there are only two other little ones sharing time there.  Anna loves watching the activity and the other littles are crazy about her.

At home, Anna's been up to so much.  She's a busy baby-- and seems much more active than Charlie was at this phase (but maybe I just don't remember it accurately).  Here's what's been going on:

* Anna is sleeping through the night!!  (Not every night, but she'll have a stretch of a couple nights in a row and has pretty much stopped nursing during the night-- which I'm surprisingly okay with.)
*  Anna's newest trick this past month was learning to "go-upside-down".  She will turn her head almost all the way to the side-- as if to test out a new viewpoint.  Then she'll bob her head back up and giggle.
*  Her other big trick is "bobbing"-- sitting and leaning forward and bobbing her head to music or the tv or a book.  It's pretty stinking adorable.
*  She's getting close to crawling and has ZERO fear.  She'll sit and reach forward until her head is on the ground and then pull her knees slowly underneath her.  So far, this always ends in a face plant but she's ready to try again as soon as we prop her back up.
* Amidst Anna's thousand toys, she favors about three: empty containers, individual socks, and tags.
*  Charlie is still the only person who is usually guaranteed to get a smile from her.  All the rest of us have to work for the tiniest little smirk-- which we gladly spend plenty of time doing.
*  Anna's a great eater.  She has tried several foods and doesn't turn much down.  Come to think of it, I can't recall her turning down anything-- except that one time we tried to feed her cold carrots.  Do you really blame her?
*  She's a super traveler---so far.  We headed to Dubuque last weekend for a few hours and she was held and passed and in and out of the stroller, all after riding in the car for two hours and she never once fussed.  Instead, she stayed busy looking at all the people and the new environment.
*  Anna can say "da-da" and we're convinced she says "Hi Dad" when Mase walks by.  Recently she started babbling "Ma Ma Ma Mom"!!!  YIPPPIE!!  Of course, this is her favorite word ever!!
* She's had her first ride in the bike carrier and LOVES it.  The weather is just starting to get nice enough to take more and more rides.
*  Anna also experienced her first 5K!  I don't think she gave a shit about it, but it's fun to say that she's already participated in a 5K.
*  We're still smitten with our baby girl, who is turning into such a sweet thing right before our eyes.  It's increasingly fun to see her personality emerge, little by little, as she experiences new things.

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