Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Northwoods Summer '15 Part 1

It's that time again: Time to post pictures from our Northwoods getaway.  (It's a little late, but better than never.... so I'm extremely proud of that fact.)  I have plenty of words to add to these photos, but for the time being, I just want to get the photos posted and update the words later.  Honestly though, I think the pictures will speak for themselves.

Aside from Anna's mild tummy problems (think newborn baby diaper blowouts---always happens when you're traveling, right?), we had a really uneventful trip.  We stopped quick in Dubuque for a little time with the cousins and tamed the waterpark.  Charlie would have stayed for days if we would have let him!

The next morning we hit the road pretty early and basically drove straight to the cottage.  Our little companions traveled very well.  Anna wasn't thrilled about being in her carseat, but..... she kind of realized she didn't have any other option.  And once we arrived, the drive was definitely worth it.

 We couldn't resist dropping our bags and going for a walk....

And another...

We caravanned to the cottage with some friends of ours, who spent most of the week with us.  Their children are young and had a blast playing outside with Charlie.  They raced and ran and laughed and giggled and chased and swam and ran and giggled some more.  I love spending quiet family time at the cottage, but it was truly wonderful to share this beautiful place with friends as well.  And to watch our kids playing so well together, totally unplugged and disconnected from technology, and 100% plugged in to nature and their imaginations and each other....well, that was something truly magical.

More posts of the week will be coming!!

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